Eine Spende mit großer Wirkung: Kumaio unterstützt den Khaya Trip für unsere Bildungsinitiative in Südafrika.

A donation with a big impact: Kumaio supports the Khaya Trip for our educational initiative in South Africa.

Guest article at Rhino Revolution EU

We are delighted to announce Kumaio 's generous donation of €750 to our education initiative in South Africa. This impressive support will enable us to fund an unforgettable Khaya Trip for eight children.

A Rhino Revolution employee teaches children about rhinos and their ecosystem

What is the Khaya Trip?

The Khaya Trip is an educational initiative that enables children from disadvantaged communities to develop a deeper connection with nature and their environment. This program offers children a rare opportunity to experience South Africa's natural beauty and diversity first-hand, while achieving important learning goals.

Children on a safari car watching giraffes in the wild

The importance of support

Kumaio 's generous donation not only helps fund the Khaya Trip for these eight children, but also underscores both organizations' commitment and vision to promote educational opportunities and provide transformative experiences for children. Such initiatives have a long-lasting impact on children's lives, building their self-confidence and broadening their horizons.

Thanks to Kumaio

We would like to thank Kumaio for their support and trust in our work. Through partnerships and donations like these, we can continue to make positive changes in communities and create educational opportunities for children who need it most.

The Kumaio logo consists of the word "Kumaio" with a green leaf on top, which has the shape of the letter "K" in the middle to represent a brand that respects and values ​​nature.

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