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Inspiring people: ceramic artist SIMBI ZULU

To describe Simbi's work as pottery would be an injustice; it is ceramic art, it is the magic of his craft with clay and glaze.

Simbi travelled to South Africa from his hometown of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe nine years ago. He started in Johannesburg, where he used his fine arts training to make ceramics and teach others how to do it. He worked for the international organisation Oxfam, which ran courses for young people in conjunction with local communities. The aim is for the young people to be able to build their own small businesses and live a life by learning the arts and crafts.

Making a ceramic grater

For new courses in a new region, Simbi has moved to the North West of South Africa where he now teaches the local communities. His classes are filled with young men and women who, in most cases, are trying to improve their situation by getting a decent job. Simbi's passion, craft and compassionate heart have opened a door of opportunity for many.

Ceramic artist Simbi Zulu

As Kumaio Selecto, it is an honor for us to represent this great man and his work, as well as the work of his students, on our website.

Especially during the current pandemic, which is causing many challenges around the world, Simbi's story inspires us and gives us hope that we can get through difficult times together. By purchasing one of our ceramic products, you help us make a contribution to these remote communities.

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