Kaffeepflanze mit reifen Kaffeekirschen

GREEN Kumaio™ Selecto


The word Kumaio has its roots in an ancient Mayan language and means " Surprising Thought ." Selecto means " Exclusive " in Spanish.

With respect for diversity, a curious spirit of discovery and concentrated experience in specialty coffee and delicatessen from all over the world, we follow our common dream: Sharing the best of cultures.

COFFEE, FOOD, CULTURES. Kumaio Selecto are well-selected, international products that make your life healthier, tastier and more conscious.

With every product we have selected for you, we want you to feel like world travelers and connoisseurs! To achieve this, we maintain close, cooperative relationships with our producers and manufacturers. We travel to the countries of origin, know the production conditions and work with the local experts. With their expertise, our experience and standards and a lot of creativity and co-creation, we develop the special products. In this way, we can help preserve the original preparation and production methods and support small, regional producers and manufacturers.

We call it DirectTrade and can be sure that the profits benefit those who work hard and sustainably for it.

Here you can find our Product range.

ENVIRONMENTAL and CLIMATE PROTECTION | Concrete environmental and climate protection measures

At Kumaio Selecto we have consciously decided to quality before quantity We work exclusively with partners worldwide who have the Nature and the People respect and act accordingly. Our shared values ​​are the cornerstones of our partnership.

At our regular visits in the countries of origin we work with our Partners closely and on an equal footing True to the motto different countries – different customs, we have learned that every country has its own own way found and his own methods to enjoy the best that the country has to offer. Our partners live, just like us, with the awareness that our Environment our greatest asset It is therefore a matter of course to manufacture products in a sustainable and resource-saving manner with nature.

So far, we have been able to learn a lot from our partners and also contribute with our input to getting ever closer to our common goal.


- We fundamentally focus on mixed rather than monocultures

- No unnecessary resources are wasted

- We focus on organic farming

- We work with small farmers with smaller fields (great self-interest in resource-saving cultivation)

Corporate Social Responsibility | Corporate Social Responsibility in everyday life

Selecto stands for "strictly selected premium products". Our Selection criteria for our product range are the basis of our daily activities.

We aim to take a holistic view of the value chains of our products and to implement a fair and sustainable business relationship for all those involved.

We work exclusively with partners worldwide who respect nature and people and act accordingly. Our shared values ​​are the cornerstones of our partnerships. We maintain close contact with our partners and visit them regularly on site.

In the food industry in particular, it is primarily about large quantities and good prices (especially for retailers). Unfortunately, the question of quality and sustainability is neglected far too often. international products Consumers often lose confidence because they do not really know how the products are grown and produced locally in the producing countries.

At our product range all consumers can be sure that the products meet our passed the strict selection process - And this is only possible because we - through our direct trade & our regular visits on site in the countries of origin - the entire value chain understand and consider.

By using the original preparation and production methods of the respective products & with our creativity we can offer very special aromas and taste profiles. True to the motto: Enjoy the best of cultures with us.

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