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Jackfruit, the plant-based alternative to meat

Conscious and healthy eating?

Wherever possible, we avoid preservatives and additives in our products and use selected, high-quality ingredients.


  • The evergreen jackfruit tree belongs to the mulberry family and thrives in all tropical areas of the world.
  • The tree can grow up to 20 meters high.
  • Due to the long roots, the tree supplies itself with groundwater and does not need artificial irrigation.
  • The fruit of the trees is known under the name jackfruit, but is not yet widespread in Europe.
  • The fruits are a marvel of nature and can grow up to 1m long and weigh 50kg.
  • Depending on the degree of ripeness, the pulp is used as a vegetable or as a dessert.
  • Harvested and cooked as a young jackfruit, the pulp, which is interspersed with fibres, is tasteless and is increasingly being used as a meat substitute.
  • Essentially, the pulp and the seeds of the fruit are used for a wide variety of applications.

Why is the jackfruit so suitable for a healthy and conscious diet?

  • It's low in carbohydrates, so it's low in calories
  • It has a lot of fiber - therefore very filling
  • It has a high vitamin C, magnesium and potassium content
  • It has been proven to have a positive effect on diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and is also known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Our Kumaio™ Selecto Organic Young Green Jackfruit pieces or plucked :

  • The Young Green Jackfruit comes from Sri Lanka.
  • This vegetable has been rooted in Sri Lankan culture for centuries.
  • The trees are distributed all over the island in different climate zones and 99% are in so-called "home gardens" in mixed cultures (with bananas, coconuts, etc.). There are no monocultures.
  • Since our local partner collects the harvest with their own trained pickers, it is always guaranteed that only the fruit with the right degree of ripeness is processed.
  • Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals are not used during cultivation.
  • The Kumaio™ Young green jackfruit is tasteless and can be flavored with spices

Production conditions of the Kumaio™ jackfruit:

  • Our partner in Sri Lanka is ISO 22000 and certified according to EU Organic & Fair TSA standards
  • The partner is organized as a family business.
  • We at Kumaio™ Selecto are convinced that after a long search we have found the right partner to be able to offer the new super fruit, the Kumaio™ Jackfruit, in the future.

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