Kokosnuss Palme an der Küste von Sri Lanka.

King Coconut Water - The queen of coconuts

What is King Coconut Water? 

The King coconuts are known as the queens of coconuts in Sri Lanka. They are grown in organic home gardens and picked when ripe. They have an orange skin and are known for their sweet, mineral and vitamin rich water inside the fruit. 

Basket filled with coconuts in Sri Lanka.

What does King Coconut Water taste like? 

Coconut water usually tastes neutral. King coconut water is slightly sweet - a little sour and refreshing in taste. Simply the perfect low-calorie, low-sugar soft drink! 

Janna drinks fresh coconut water.

Is King Coconut Water healthy? 

Our King Coconut Water consists of 100% pure water from the King Coconut and therefore contains all the rich vitamins and minerals. It is electrifying and therefore a natural isotonic (sports) drink. It also contains valuable antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

Coconut farmer harvests fresh coconuts.

How can I best enjoy King Coconut Water? 

Chilled or with crushed ice, King coconut water is a super refreshing drink and an exotic drink that makes a great alternative to natural water. You can also use coconut water in cooking, in smoothies, shakes or cocktails. 

Here are all the benefits of King Coconut Water at a glance: 

  • Vegan  
  • Low calorie  
  • Sweet taste without added sugar  
  • Valuable vitamins and minerals  
  • Hydrating, because with natural electrolytes  
  • Free from any additives  
  • Isotonic refreshment drink from nature  
  • 100% natural - no additives  
  • From the organic home gardens in Sri Lanka  
  • Natural variant with passion fruit – also without added sugar

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