Kokos Aminos Gewürzsauce – Was ist das? Und warum werde ich sie lieben?

Coconut Aminos Seasoning Sauce - What is it? And why will I love her?

What is Coconut Aminos? 

To start with, for orientation: Coconut Aminos Sauce is a seasoning sauce made from natural ingredients. It can be called an alternative to soy sauce. We think: "The healthy all-rounder for seasoning" is even better. Because soy sauce is known to be very salty. And our Coconut Aminos Sauce is rather spicy. 

A tablespoon full of coconut aminos is poured into a small bowl. This shows the brown-reddish color of the sauce.

The basis of this seasoning talent is the coconut. - In our case, organic quality from the Homegardens in Sri Lanka. Coconut water is used to make coconut vinegar and the nectar of the coconut palm is used to make natural coconut nectar. Coconut vinegar and coconut nectar are the two main ingredients of this sauce. Then there are spices that make the taste of the sauce quite unique. 

In order to harvest the coconut nectar from the palm tree, specialized employees climb up the coconut tree twice a day. We saw it with our own eyes and could hardly believe how incredibly talented these professionals are.

What does the Aminos Sauce taste like? 

We would describe the taste as: fruity, sweet, sour, spicy. And very important - and especially funny given the name: the sauce doesn't taste like coconut at all. 

Use: The name "all-rounder" says it all, as does the composition of the flavor, which has quite a few nuances. Just as a good chef balances his dish at the end with the different nuances, we can use this excellent sauce. Then add a little salt and pepper and the dish is already "well-rounded".

Is the coconut aminos sauce healthy? 

The sauce consists only of natural, plant-based ingredients and is free from any additives. It is soy-, gluten- and histamine-free. It is also vegan and good for your gut and blood pressure. 

Coconut blossom nectar is not refined sugar, so it contains valuable minerals and antioxidants. Compared to white sugar, coconut blossom nectar contains fewer calories. 

Coconut palm with coconuts in Sri Lanka, production of Cocos Aminos.

How to use the Coconut Aminos Sauce? 

The different flavor nuances mean that the sauce can round off and balance different dishes, so there are no limits to your creativity. Here are a few ideas: We think the sauce goes perfectly with steamed or fried vegetables, as well as rice dishes. It also works well in salad dressings or marinades. In winter, red cabbage can be perfectly rounded off with the sauce. 

Organic Coconut Aminos Seasoning Sauce from Kumaio Selecto with delicious Asian food.

Here is an overview of all the benefits of Coconut Aminos Sauce: 

  • Soy-free  
  • Gluten free  
  • non-alcoholic  
  • Histamine-free  
  • Vegan  
  • Low glycemic  
  • Versatile  
  • Excellent compatibility  
  • Gut and blood pressure friendly  
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers  
  • Low sodium  
  • 100% natural - no additives  
  • From the organic home gardens in Sri Lanka  

In summary: You should definitely try the sauce! There is a pretty high probability that it will be a staple in your kitchen in the future. 

PS: We've had a few tastings with completely independent people in the last few weeks and the enthusiasm was so great that we sold out at our tasting stands. We were already excited ourselves but to be honest we didn't expect this. 

Have fun trying it out! 

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