Peppadew™ Rote Kirschpaprika aus Südafrika - Kumaio™ Selecto

Peppadew™ Red Cherry Peppers from South Africa

A fruit that is black before it turns red...

This fruit is the national fruit of South Africa and is called: CHERRY PAPRIKA!

The original and thus the first fruit, which was not discovered until the 1990s, is the Peppadew® brand cherry pepper.

You can only get the original from us, which does not contain any additives or preservatives!

In Germany we know the small fruit often filled with cream cheese.

In South Africa, the fruit, often already cut into strips, is always on the table - along with salt and pepper for seasoning. And that's a pretty tasty tradition!

Because the aroma of the cherry peppers is rounded off by the sweet-spicy & fruity Grade every dish!

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