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Wine Selecto from South Africa - Kumaio™ Selecto

As South Africa lovers, we regularly travel to the country of animals & safaris, beautiful nature, loving people and excellent wine.  

One evening, over a delicious sundowner in a great atmosphere, we decided to look for a new partner for Kumaio Selecto, a winemaker with extraordinary wines, so that we and you can also enjoy the South African feeling in Germany.

Elephant herd in South Africa

We met our new wine partner near Cape Town through a South African friend, an excellent wine connoisseur. The winery stands for "simplicity, naturalness and quality". Why simplicity? The answer is below. We not only share the same values, but also the same vision: With our work, we are committed to protecting rhinos and promoting biodiversity.  

Here you will find some background information on why we think it is so important to support the rhinos in South Africa .

Rhino in South Africa

The small, quality-conscious winery is located in the famous wine region of Franschhoek , east of Cape Town. As the name of the region describes in German, "French corner", the cultivation here concentrates exclusively on French grapevines. Combined with the South African growing conditions, very special wines are created.  

Our selected partner focuses on the natural production of flavorful quality wines using ecological and environmentally conscious cultivation methods.  

Wine has been grown in the valley where the winery is located since the beginning of 1800. To this day, the valley is surrounded by wonderful native flora and fauna.  

The current cellar master is the fourth generation of a well-known wine family in Franschhoek and has been working in this position for the winery for over 31 years. The winery has already won several international awards. No surprise to us!  

Picture collage of vineyards and winegrowers

When you talk to the cellar master, who - in fact - sees his job as a calling, you have a passionate expert in front of you. He can answer any questions you may have. But be careful: here comes simplicity in complexity. Although you can make everything complicated, we get the simple and practical advice: "It doesn't matter what complicated things you can say about the wine, in the end it just has to taste good!"  

We took this literally and after the tasting it was immediately clear which wines would be exclusive to Kumaio Selecto.

Kumaio wine bottles

We initially chose 4 wines from the new Wine Selecto product range from South Africa.  

With the label on the bottle of the rosé wine, which depicts an abstract rhinoceros head, we are devoting attention to this species threatened with extinction.  

We hope that this presence will prevent these special animals from being forgotten. Rhinos have existed for more than 50 million years - today they are threatened with extinction. Poachers in South Africa kill around 2 rhinos every day (solely for their horns). If we do not do anything about it, rhinos will be extinct worldwide by 2036.

Remember: We donate 2% of all sales of our products to the Rhino Revolution organization, which works to protect rhinos in South Africa.  

So feel free to decide according to your wine preference or try out our tasting packages and find your favorite.  

Drink wine and do good: Let us save our rhinos!

Here you can see the valley and the surrounding area where the hand-picked wine is grown:  

drawn map of the growing area

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