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Recipe: Making mulled wine yourself is very easy!

What should definitely not be missing in winter? That's right! A nice hot winter drink ... And the cool thing is that with our spice mix it's super easy AND delicious! Promised! (We did the counter tasting with ready-made mulled wine).
Well, how do I make this delicious drink?

Simply choose your beverage base . The following are ideal:
  • Sweet red wine,
  • sweet white wine or
  • Grape or apple juice or any other juice of your choice

Mulled wine spice in a bowl

Further ingredients:
  • Fresh orange slices as needed
  • And our spice mix, because it does the rest

    Janna smells the mulled wine spice

    Preparation : Pour the liquid into a pot and add the mulled wine spices as desired. In our experience, 3-4 heaped tablespoons of spices are suitable for one liter of liquid. You can also add fresh orange peel and sweeten the drink with sugar as needed. Heat briefly and let it steep for 10 minutes.

    Attention : Only heat to around 75°C, otherwise the alcohol will evaporate. Then pour off the spices and enjoy your delicious winter drink!

    Tip : The hot mulled apple wine also tastes great with a shot of gin or amaretto!

    And now: Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with the best drink !

    Lemon slice is added to the mulled wine

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