We invest in sustainable education

Kumaio ® is actively committed to the education of disadvantaged children in Africa. We support Rhino Revolution Europe and their 'Khaya Trips' - exciting educational adventures that give children in South Africa unforgettable experiences. Every year we organize a trip together with Rhino Revolution Europe to awaken children's enthusiasm for nature and environmental protection.

What happens on a Khaya trip?
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Education for sustainable development protects our ecosystems for future generations

As a sustainable and innovative company, we have deliberately chosen a small and transparent organization to make a measurable difference. Rhino Revolution Europe enables us to invest our donations in the education of the next generation and ensure that they go exactly where they are needed. Their educational project connects children with their natural heritage and, in the long term, helps protect the savannah's ecosystems, preserving the stunning wildlife for generations to come.

Goals of the initiative

Rhino Revolution Europe Khaya Trip

Education about biodiversity and environmental protection

It is a unique opportunity to experience wildlife in a special way. During the safari in the open car, the children learn about wildlife and their habitats. In addition, they visit the Eco Classroom, where they delve deeper into the topics and gain valuable knowledge about nature and wildlife.
Rhino Revolution Europe Kruger Trip - Elefanten

Inclusion and equal opportunities

Above all, the Khaya Trips stand for inclusion and equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their origin. Especially for children from the surrounding communities who were previously excluded due to financial hurdles, participation in our trips represents an important step towards an inclusive educational experience.
Rhino Revolution Europe Ndabeni Lesson

Appreciation for academic achievements

Rhino Revolution Europe's trips show all students that commitment, learning and hard work are rewarded in life. This opportunity increases motivation and encourages interest in learning. Each trip allows children to explore the world outside the classroom and develop their talents. We believe in the potential of every student and encourage them on their path to greatness.
Rhino Revolution Europe Khaya Trip

Access to the fascinating wildlife of private safari reserves

The open-top safari offers children the exciting opportunity to explore the animal world together with Rhino Revolution staff in their native language and in English. They learn not only about the fascinating animals, but also about the diverse flora and the fragile ecosystem. At the same time, they have the chance to make unique animal sightings and collect unforgettable memories in nature.

Rhino Revolution Europe is a non-profit organisation in Germany that is passionate about protecting white and black rhinos in South Africa. At the same time, they invest in educating local communities on the edge of the Kruger National Park to promote sustainable change and the protection of this unique wildlife.

Would you also like to get involved and support the education of disadvantaged children in South Africa? Find out more about the work of Rhino Revolution and its education initiative at www.rhinorevolution.eu

Together we can shape the future and create educational opportunities.