Maximum enjoyment, responsible consumption.

Kumaio® offers you more than "just" delicious specialties from all over the world. Find out now what makes our products so special, what values ​​drive us and what we hope for the future. Enjoy reading. :)

Why we exist

At Kumaio® we pursue two major goals: Firstly, we want to make your life more exciting, delicious and healthier with our international delicacies. Secondly, we want to preserve the original preparation and production methods of our partners - and support the small, regional producers and manufacturers with whom we produce our food together. What is always at the heart of this? A sustainable, resource-saving and ethical approach to nature and people.

What we want for the future

We Germans in particular have always been brought up to buy a lot of food for as little money as possible. Now imagine a world in which we all consume more consciously - and think more about where something comes from and how it is produced. That is exactly what we want to achieve with Kumaio® Selecto. Do you share this version? Then join us and become part of the tribe. Let's work together to make the world at least a little bit more mindful! There is only one question left to answer...

What does Kumaio® actually mean?

Good that you asked! 😀 Kumaio means in the ancient Mayan language something like

“surprising thinking”.

Our name is intended to show that we like to think outside the box in order to be able to offer you unique specialties from all over the world.

Handpicked, sustainable & fair.