Ceylon Vanilla from Sri Lanka - 15g

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Ceylon vanilla ground from Sri Lanka

Do you love to add a touch of exoticism to your dishes? Then our Ceylon vanilla from Sri Lanka is just the thing for you. Our vanilla, carefully extracted from the Vanilla Planifolia orchids of Sri Lanka, gives every dish an extraordinary, aromatic depth.

Our vanilla powder is characterized by its high vanillin content, which ensures a particularly intense, sweet and creamy taste experience. It gives both sweet desserts and savory dishes a luxurious touch and takes them to a new level of enjoyment. And the best thing about it: it is completely natural and organic!

And because we know that you value naturalness and quality, you can be sure that our Ceylon vanilla contains no additives whatsoever. It is pure, authentic and a tribute to traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.

Benefits of Ceylon Vanilla:

  • Pure and organic: No additives - a completely natural product.
  • High quality: Intense, sweet taste thanks to high vanillin content.
  • Versatile: Ideal for a variety of dishes, from desserts to savory dishes.
  • Exotic note: Adds a special aromatic depth to your creations.

Discover a world of elegant flavors with our Ceylon vanilla. It opens up countless possibilities for you to expand your culinary skills and give every dish a touch of flavor and exclusivity. Experience an unforgettable taste experience with Ceylon vanilla from Kumaio™ Selecto.

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