French Press 600ml - by Timemore

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Is minimalist and puristic design your passion?

High-quality design combined with functionality is a must for your coffee or tea break in a quiet moment.

Do you want to experience not only a culinary but also an experience for all your senses when brewing?

Then we have the unique highlight for you: Timemore! Is a brand that combines an absolutely extravagant design with functional handling.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • In addition to a great design, it also offers very high-quality workmanship and super functionality: 3 in 1!
  • Two spouts (can be rotated) for coffee or tea
  • 3 mm thick temperature-resistant borosilicate glass that keeps your drink hot for a long time
  • A matte Teflon coating to prevent fingerprints
  • A very thin sieve (0.180 mm) so that you can press the coffee down efficiently

With your choice, you will enjoy many beautiful moments and will be delighted with the long-lasting design for a long time. It also makes a great gift for coffee or tea lovers!

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